Pakistan, an Islamic country is  officially called Islamic Republic Country is world’s seventh most populated country. Located in the Middle East, along with the Arabian sea and the Gulf of Oman. It has a coastline of about 1,046 kilometer with the Arabian sea coastline. India, China, Afghanistan and Iran are bordered with Pakistan and thus are the neighbor countries. Pakistan’s land borders total length is 6,774 kilometers—2,430 kilometers (1,509 mi) with Afghanistan to the northwest, 523 kilometers (325 mi) with China to the northeast, 2,912 kilometers (1,809 mi) with India to the east and 909 kilometers (565 mi) with Iran to the southwest.

Pakistan has a diverse topography, from the Indus river delta to the coast of the Arabian sea. The world’s second largest peak K2 is also within the borders of Pakistan. It covers 803,940 square kilometers(310,403 square miles), approximately the combined land areas of France and the United Kingdom. The land of Pakistan range different features from the deserts to the mountains, from the green plain lands of Punjab to the coastal areas of Sindh. This land covers all sorts of natural weathers just like the scenery. with cold winters and hot summers in the north and a mild climate in the south, moderated by the influence of the ocean.